Prins Tiger XL 2.5

For the heavier work there is the Prins Tiger 2.5 XL. Also based on Cesab / Toyota machine, this is the heaviest in the Tiger series. Extremely suitable for rental, for hire companies, construction companies and fruit growers.

Model Tiger XL
Type 2.5
 Load capacity (kg) 2500
 Weight (kg)
  incl. counter balance
 Weight (kg)
  excl. counter balance
 Center of gravity (mm) 500
 Mast angle front/rear 8°/9°
 Fork plate FEM 2a
 Transmission torque converter
 Fuel diesel gas
 Engine Toyota Toyota
 Model 1DZ-III 4Y
 Power (kW) 36 38
 Speed (km/h) 22
 Tires front - Traction profile 31x15.50-15
 Tires front - Turf profile 10.0/75-15.3
 Tires rear 26-12x12
  A (mm) 3170
  B (mm) 2270
  C (mm) 540
  D (mm) 1700
  E (mm) 2780
  F (mm) 730
  G (mm) 300
  H (mm) 200
  I (mm) 1170
  J (mm) 2220
  K (mm) 1520/1300
  L (mm) 3300