Prins Tiger XL-E 1.0 - XL-E 1.2

Where a standard electric forklift is too heavy or gives too much ground impression or where combustion engines are not desired, the Tiger XL-E offers. Low soil pressure and the properties of an electric forklift make this a unique machine.

Model Tiger XL-E
Type 1.0 1.2
 Load capacity (kg) 1000 1200
 Weight (kg)
  incl. counter balance
2500 2600
 Weight (kg)
  excl. counter balance
2350 2350
 Center of gravity (mm) 500
 Mast angle front/rear 8°/9°
 Fork plate FEM 2a
 Transmission automatic
 Fuel electro
 Engine Toyota
 Model Toyota-1T
 Power (kW) 7,6
 Speed (km/h) 18
 Tires front - Traction profile nvt
 Tires front - Turf profile 295-50x15
 Tires rear 24-13x12
  A (mm) 3000
  B (mm) 2000
  C (mm) 470
  D (mm) 1550
  E (mm) 2550
  F (mm) 760
  G (mm) 320
  H (mm) 220
  I (mm) 1190
  J (mm) 2220
  K (mm) 1380
  L (mm) 2600