Prins-Tiger L 1.5

This machine has a lifting capacity of 1500 kg and the Prins Tiger L distinguishes itself from common forklift trucks by means of larger front and rear tyres.

Model Tiger L
Type 1.5
 Load capacity (kg) 1500
 Weight (kg)
  incl. counter balance
 Weight (kg)
  excl. counter balance
 Center of gravity (mm) 500
 Mast angle front/rear 8°/9°
 Fork plate FEM 2a
 Transmission torque converter
 Fuel diesel gas
 Engine Toyota Toyota
 Model 1DZ-III 4Y
 Power (kW) 36 38
 Speed (km/h) 23
 Tires front - Traction profile 320/60-12
 Tires front - Turf profile 315/50-12
 Tires rear 20x8.00-10
  A (mm) 3170
  B (mm) 2220
  C (mm) 410
  D (mm) 1550
  E (mm) 2340
  F (mm) 710
  G (mm) 320
  H (mm) 200
  I (mm) 1150
  J (mm) 2200
  K (mm) 1320
  L (mm) 2650